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Why should you let Mobile One Docs take care of you?

  • Primary AND specialty care services
  • Caring, experienced physicians and healthcare providers
  • Comprehensive, wellness-focused care for all patients
  • You get seen by the same medical provider 
  • No waiting in the doctor’s office
  • Dedicated care coordination for each patient
  • Comprehensive in-home appointments
  • Coordination of in-home diagnostic and laboratory testing
  • Appointments available in 24 to 48 hours
  • On-call providers available 24/7

Tests and Medical Procedures

  • Much of your testing is performed in the comfort and convenience of your home/assisted living facility by providers independent of Mobile One Docs.
  • Our staff works hand-in-hand with many healthcare providers and home health agencies. We arrange x-rays, ultrasounds, pharmacogenetic testing, non-invasive cancer screening, urinalysis, blood tests, and more.