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How Mobile One Docs HELPS Your Residents & LOWERS Your Costs
At Mobile One Docs, we understand it may be difficult for your residents to leave their home for health services – and they may qualify for medical home care under Medicare. We provide your valued residents with convenient onsite primary and dermatological medical care, and diagnostic and laboratory testing.

Why Assisted Living Facilities Love Mobile One Docs

  1. Increased staff efficiency and productivity

  2. Prompt arrival of testing and other patient reports/documents

  3. Care coordination with home health, hospitals and other agencies

  4. Dedicated primary care providers

  5. Appointments within 24-48 hours

  6. On-call providers 24/7

Our Services
At Mobile One Docs our goal is to provide comprehensive health care that is accessible, cost-effective, and improves the health and quality of life of our patients. Our services include:

  1. On-site primary care, follow-up, and wellness visits.

  2. On-site dermatology/skin care and skin clinics (Ask us to schedule a Mobile One Docs Skin Clinic in your facility.  Your patients will love it and so will their family members/caregivers).

  3. Coordination of in-home laboratory and diagnostic testing.

  4. Comprehensive wellness testing.

  5. Post-procedure care.

Interested in having Mobile One Docs take care of your facility's residents in the privacy and comfort of their home with you?
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